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TWIST utilizes graph analysis techniques to create an interactive visualization of cocktail and ingredient data, and provided suggestions of similarly related ingredients based off of user input.


Led a small team update an old project of mine, a proof of concept ride-sharing platform built in Django. Personally implemented end-to-end geospatial data input through PostGIS, GoogleMaps, SQLite Models, and REST API.


This personal website was built using React/Next.js and deployed on Vercel. I wanted to use this as my personal showcase, while also being an exploration into Typescript and advanced React tech. This website includes the use of dynamically generated UI to be maintainable in the future.

About Me

Hi, I'm Gabriel Lee, a CS student from San Francisco.

I'm an aspiring software engineer currently attending Dominican University for Applied Computer Science. I enjoy many aspects of modern software development such as designing UI/UX, implemented unique tech stacks, and applying algorithms for interesting results. Outside of coding, however, I like to graphic design, sketch, and bartend.

Front-end: React
Back-end: Flask, Django, Node
Databases: MongoDB, SQLite
Languages: Python, Java, Javascript, Golang

Email: gabespersonal@gmail.com

LinkedIn: GabrielBLee

Github: type9

Resume PDF: Google Drive

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